What’s your “happy” weight?

I just found a link to a story on Glamour’s website showing a feature of women who lost or gained (really!) weight to become their own ideal.

After looking over this story, I remembered a feature I saw on one of those TV magazines (Extra, Insider?)… you know the ones that feature the stars and what they are up to. (Just for full disclosure, I don’t normally watch these, it was on at the healthclub while I was working out). I didn’t actually hear the story, but it showed an actress who was wearing a bathing suit (a bikini) and the caption read “Has ‘she’ gained too much weight?” Personally, I thought she looked good and that the photographer just found a way to take a photo of her that was unflattering (BTW…don’t we all have these pictures somewhere?)

We all look at these Hollywood types and find that they have what our ideals are. Most that are regularly featured have the good looks and body type or weight that is “desirable”. Is it any wonder why kids these days think that they have to live up to these ideals, or that they completely failed so why not be overweight. Is it any wonder that we as adults may have the same ideals as well.

But anyway, back to my original thought here. What is my ideal weight? What makes something ideal for me? Would this not change in the eyes of the beholder? Or even in the eyes of those around the beholder. Might it possibly change from one day to the next? I am finding that A LOT of people are asking me now how much weight I am going to lose yet. When I tell them 40 or 50 pounds, they look at me shocked. One has even said “don’t get too thin now”.

Is it possible to think that because the country is so overweight now, that being overweight is now the “ideal” weight? Is it because I started out at more than 300 pounds that now a normal weight of 150-160 pounds would be considered by some to be too thin for me?

At some point in my weight loss journey, Weight Watchers asks that each member discuss with their leader and set a goal for their lifetime membership. I have chosen a weight based on the Body Mass Index (BMI) and what Weight Watchers recommends. It’s a scale that’s primarily based on height/weight, but really I want something that will be good with my bone structure and that I can maintain.

Maybe when I get closer, it will be come clearer.