Holiday Struggles… and just plain bad choices

So it has taken me about four days to write this post and really come to terms with what I did to myself over the past week. Yes… one week.

Let me start from the beginning…

With all of my accomplishments in the past year, I really thought taking a week “off” the Weight Watchers plan would not affect me greatly. Yeah, I knew I would make some bad choices, but overall… I thought I would be ok. But then came the nibble mix (and all of it’s salty goodness) and grandma’s peanut butter balls. And don’t forget going out to lunch and dinner more than usual… and then all of the great and yummy homemade cooking. It just was all so good…

Then came Thursday morning… and back to reality. I had my single largest gain EVER while on the Weight Watchers program (and I have been on this program now for over 2 years). While I am not going to share the number here with all my friends, just know that I didn’t think it was possible for a person to gain this much. Believe me. Ok… granted some of it could easily be water weight due to the salty foods, but there was definately a gain involved here.

So Thursday night… there I was at the healthclub, working out for the first time in a week… and it really kicked my ass. After just a week, I felt the pain after this workout. But I went again on Friday. I am determined. I am not going to gain anything back that I have lost.

Next year… mark my words – I will not be taking a week “off” from the program again.