Commercials… Commercials…

In the last 3 days I have been watching more tv than usual. Because I am home from work, relaxing, cleaning and just catching up on alot of things, I really like to have the background noise of the tv while I am doing these things.

With the networks I have been watching, I have noticed these commercials focus on one of two things this time of year. The first is losing weight, the second is finding love. I have seen countless commercials for Weight Watchers, Jenny Criag, Alli, eDiets, and numerous other programs. Then to start on the eHarmony,, etc. commericals and I think by the time I go back to work tomorrow… I will have them all memorized.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the reasoning behind the commercials. If you don’t promote it, the masses won’t buy it. But I have seen these commercials now so often that I almost have them memorized. I actually do not want anything to do with these products now (well, most of them anyway).

I think really it comes down to the fact that I miss my TIVO… oh, I still have my TIVO, but it’s not recording anything new right now due to the holidays and this silly writers strike. (Ok, now why can’t these two sides come together to work out their differences?? It’s all about money and who wants more… but I digress).

Until I can record new show (yea for Biggest Loser tonight!), I guess I will just be stuck with these commercials.