Random Thoughts on a Saturday…

So here I am trying to wake up this fine, but cold (once again) Saturday morning. I have so many things happening right now, but really things are good. Here’s an update for all of you!

Personal Training…

I started to participate in a contest at my healthclub and am meeting with a personal trainer (in a group setting) 3 times a week… let’s just say that he’s kickin’ my boootay! After my first meeting with him on Sunday, I don’t think I was even supposed to walk the next day. And although my training went well last night, I learned that I have NO strength in my arms.

Once again I wish I had been on top of things an did some measurements of myself pre-training to the end. In fact… maybe today I will just do some for the 8 weeks I have left on this program. I know I won’t die on this program (I don’t think the trainer will let me), but I know that by the time I am done, I will have achieved something great and probably will have attained a weight that I know (as an adult) I have every weighed.

Through all the pain, I know that this is good for me, no matter how much it hurts! (And if I could win the contest… that would be a BONUS!!!) I am excited to see where these changes could lead me… and I have to admit, the guy kept us laughing last night as well.

I will keep you all updated on the percentage of fat that I have lost for the contest as it “rolls” on…er off!

Recovering from vacation…

I haven’t posted really any details from my recent vacation and business trip to Houston (although while I was there for business… really I think a big part of it was vacation!).

Florida was wonderful – 80 to 85 degrees each day, Sunny… well, anything that Michigan this time of year isn’t. I spent 4 days with my aunt and uncle, really getting to know them – sharing experiences and good food (they have some EXCELLENT restaurants by them). During this time, we went to Delray Beach, the Everglades and a riverboat tour in Fort Lauderdale. I enjoyed every minute of my time there, because it was fun and it was relaxing. I can’t thank them enough for everything that they did to make me feel welcome and have a good, relaxing time.

It was off to Houston after this for my business trip and spending some good quality time with friends, networking for our office and learning about the new things that our company will be providing to us in the coming months. The time there went SO fast!!!

While there, a huge highlight was going to Dave & Busters (for those that don’t know what this is… it’s like an adult Chuck-e-Cheese and we need to lobby to get one in Grand Rapids!). I got to meet my friend Janna from the WW boards (see picture in previous post) and while we didn’t get to talk a lot, it was really fun just being able to meet up. I hope to be able to get to know her much better as it seems that our interests and weight loss journeys have “mirrored” each other in some crazy and awesome ways.

Computer shopping…

I have owned this wonderful computer for almost 4 years now… and it seems to be wanting a break now and again (not to mention the battery life is waning… and on a laptop this isn’t good), so… I have started looking for a new computer. I am undecided on what to go with – a Mac or PC. I am so used to the PC’s out there that I really just want to stick with what’s “familiar” but there are so many positives to the Macs. So here I am this Saturday, preparing myself to drop a chunk of change one of these upcoming days on a new computer.

Have a good one, stay safe & stay warm (for those in the north)!