What is SUCCESS???

Success s?k-?ses
favorable or desired outcome

So what is success anyway? Am I afraid to succeed?

These questions have been plaguing me for almost 2 weeks now. I watch the Biggest Loser each week and during the show a couple of weeks ago Jillian asked one of the contestants “Are you afraid to succeed?” It really struck me as the contestant then ran 14 mph for about 10-15 seconds… she really did succeed at that, and really all of the contestants have had success with so much on that show. But this is real life and these are my goals, so… can I live a normal life and still be a “success”?

I have accomplished a lot, losing over 100 pounds, participating now in “Take Control Challenge” at my gym, increasing my cardio so that I can run a 5k in just a couple of months, and planning to do the 60 mile walk for the Breast Cancer 3-day this coming August. Accomplishing each of these items would be success.

But when it comes to weight, is there really a point where I can succeed? I can succeed at reaching my final goal, but it doesn’t end there… I still need to maintain that for the rest of my life.

So I guess my question still remains… what is success when it comes to weight loss?

Then there is the other question… Am I afraid to succeed?

My quick answer to that question would be “NO! I can succeed at anything.” But that isn’t the question… I know I can succeed, but am I afraid to?

I think it comes down to the fact that my success (whatever it may be) comes down to a fear of the unknown. What will happen to me if I lose another 35-40 pounds? What will I look like? How will this impact my life? Do I want this to impact my life this much?

We all wish we could see into the future and know what will come next with so many things, our weight loss, relationships, jobs and family situations. But unless you or I hold some psychic power that we are not sharing, the fear of the unknown will remain to an extent.

I guess I will end here by saying that I am not afraid of the success, but rather where the success will lead to and how it will manifest itself.

Maybe my next blog will be about the fear of the unknown. Hmmmmm…

be safe and successful!