Training and Cravings

Personal Training / One 7 One Challenge…

Only 2 weeks left in the “Take Control” Challenge that I am doing through One 7 One Fitness. So far it has been a VERY tough journey… especially during the training sessions with Emmett. He is tough, but good.

So far in the challenge I have lost 7 pounds – which may not seem like a lot, but considering that I was in a weight plateau before that, I am considering it a great victory. I have also toned up my muscles and am down almost one clothing size!

Cravings, Smoothies and other food choices…

In the past few weeks, with this challenge that I have participating in, I have followed the recommendations given to me by my trainer and have not been eating pizza, pasta or really any other carb like substance. I have to admit, I am now craving such things… and potato chips on top of that (which as you may know, I am NOT allowed to keep in the house for fear of eating exorbitantly too many).

Don’t get me wrong, typically I don’t give in to anyone that tells me what I can or can’t eat. I don’t like restraints like that – hence the reason I love the Weight Watchers program. I can eat what I want, when I want, but just have to watch my portions and keep track of what I am eating.

However, with this challenge and how much I am hoping that our team can make a miraculous comeback… I am doing anything and everything that I can to help our chances.

Wish us luck – only 2 weeks left until we find out our final results!