Training is Finished!

So my adventure in personal training has finished with great results… we are confident that our team did SPECTACULAR, but still have to wait for this “Finale” the owners have been planning. Wish they would get themselves more organized, we want to know that we’ve won and that we can start spending our $$$.

This really was an adventure for me. I was challenged not only physically, but mentally by what I needed to change in my diet.

First the exercise. For some reason, in the first few weeks on our training days (Wednesdays – Fridays – Sundays), I did NOT look forward to going to the gym. Always had this horrible workout picture in my head and was VERY afraid of what would happen to us. Or if we would go into the “Room of Doom” as we would call it, as we trudged slowly into there. Actually, to be honest some of our hardest workouts came in the workout rooms. In hindsight it was VERY good for us to be in there, but when you head in there knowing that it’s going to be a HARD workout (I know Emmett, you warned us!) we still did not look forward to it. Over all, the workouts really were good. I learned a lot about what I need to keep doing. I learned how I should be using the machines. I learned that I will be a gym rat for the rest of my life!

The second part of this challenge for me was much more of mental one as I was challenged with my eating. First let me say, I have been on the Weight Watchers program now – on and off – for more than 5 years. In the last 2 years, I have taken it much more seriously and follow many aspects of the program much more closely. I have been successful with it. I follow the 8 healthy guidelines perfectly somedays, and not so perfectly others, but in the end… I pick myself up, dust off the problems, and continue on. Well… that’s not how it was with this challenge.

The first week, I was given limitations of what I should be eating, how often I should be eating, etc. And by the end, I was only to be eating chicken and tuna. Let me tell you… I don’t think I am eating chicken or tuna again for a LONG, LONG time!

I do not like to be taken out of my “comfort zone” when it comes to food. I am a picky eater. (I hear admitting it is the first step to recovery!) I do not like it when food that I like and have occasionally are taken away from me for weeks at a time. It’s at that point that I want to rebel and say “nah, nah” to the trainer, but in all honesty… I really didn’t want to let down my team. Yes, I cheated with my food a few times. But no one is perfect. I still ate my chicken and tuna, fruits and veggies… and lost A LOT of body fat!

My clothes fit better, looser… and I may even be down an entire size. In this 10 week process – I lost 15 pounds! I feel better and more confident of what I need to be doing and how I should be doing things, which is great!

Thanks Emmett & Maria for your help in this process… I know I probably didn’t make things “easier” for myself in the process, but I really do value the time, effort, and knowledge that you shared with us.

Here are a couple of pictures…

Emmett & his wife Maria (who would help us with training).

Our team… well, 3 members of our team (Trish, Sherri, me)… Danielle and Brianna (our honorary team member) were not able to be there! (We missed you!)

Our team’s “Before” picture!

I also want to give a big thanks to my friends out there that supported me along this journey. It pushed my limits and I was frustrated at myself, my body and to be perfectly truthful the personal trainer at times as well. But I came through it a better person, more fit and ready to reach my goals for this year!

Last thought… if you have the chance to train with a trainer, take the opportunity. Learn what you can and carry it forward as long as possible.