First day walk training…

Today I began my 3-day walk adventure! Yea!! It was a good walk, not as fast as I had hoped I would go (just over 3 miles in about an hour), but good none the less. I guess it’s more about the distance of it, than the speed anyway. I don’t want to necessarily finish first, just finish – on my own two feet.

So while I was walking, I had some things occur to me (a lot of things actually)… and observances I witnessed – and just wanted to share these things with all of you.

  • It’s different walking outdoors than it is on a treadmill. Watching for traffic, bumps, crevices & everything just makes me go slower. Plus there are people out there… running and interacting. Very interesting! A whole new breed of athletic crazies I have begun to associate myself with.
  • People drive by going speedway fast down the roads, but you can tell that they are staring as if I was insane for being outdoors and getting a good walk in on a beautiful 74 degree evening.
  • I must remember to take a pair of tweezers along with me to remove stones from the bottoms of my shoes. Obviously you can tell I learned this the hard way today, but I was able to work it out and get back on my way.
  • Try to avoid road construction… it’s hard to walk in, but at the moment – unless I drive to another area – I will have to continue to deal with it. Although it is quite interesting walking down the middle of Riley without any traffic to deal with! J
  • Finally… people of Holland… the sides of the roads are not your trash cans or garbage dumps. I was shocked at how much garbage I saw out there. Signs, posters, empty food bags, hubcaps… it’s just so much. I don’t know if it’s because Earth Day is tomorrow (hence the reason “DUTCHbeingME” has gone green this week) or just an overall sense of cleanliness on my part… but it was very disheartening to see the lack of care. People, the tourists are coming to our fair and beautiful town the first week of May… can’t we just clean up a little?

So now that I have begun my training… I think I am going to make up a schedule – anyone want to join me? You can walk with me virtually or in person. I am actively looking for walking buddies so e-mail me or post a comment on the blog with your available dates. Each week or two (not sure how often I can do this) I will either post my walking schedule or e-mail it to those interested.

Let’s get walking!