Earth Day… 2008

This past weekend, I watched a fascinating show on how the earth was formed. I like programs like this because it challenges my ‘worldview’ and keeps me questioning, learning, and really find who I am. Overall this program was excellent, but it did raise more questions. If there was no God, how did the “big bang” even start? What set the particles into motion? How can it be that the earth was 20,000 degrees and it began cooling from a process of meteors hitting the earth just right?

As you can probably tell from the questions that I ask, I believe in God and that He created the earth. I believe this in faith and it’s how I was raised. Now if you don’t believe the same thing (or even if you do)… don’t stop reading, challenge me, ask questions if you have them. I like to discuss things I don’t understand (and even things I do understand)… it’s how I learn, how I form my opinions and it is who I am.

These types of discussions led to how I believe and feel about the environment now. About 7 years ago (plus or minus a year), a coworker challenged me about my thoughts on the environmental policies I believed. He asked why I believed there was no global warming & why I believed that I didn’t need to recycle or take care of the earth. At the time it didn’t faze me… didn’t really even think through it for a while. The whole discussion was more politically driven than anything. But after a few days, weeks, months – it stayed with me. Even now, I want to try to find this person back and thank him for bringing this thought process into my life.

As a Christian, why didn’t I feel that it was my place to take care of the earth that God had placed me on? Why am I using up resources like oil and gas in ways that continue to pollute the earth? Even in the area that I live, there are minimal recycling facilities that residents can use. We also have to be vigilant about our use of the planet and its resources. Have you thought about what your car is doing to the earth? Have you thought about how your trash will sit in the ground and occupy space that your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews may need to use someday? Have you thought about the products that you put down your drain or toilet that has to be cleaned out of the waste water facilities in order for you to drink it again?

All of these things have brought me to where I am. I don’t know that I am necessarily the best at being “environmental” but I care about the earth and what I do to it. I would love to see a free access (or even a pay to access) recycling facility in the area. I would use it… but I am only one person.

Just look at yourself and think about what you can do. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Happy Earth Day!