Christopher Williams Concert…

Last night I was privileged to go see Christopher Williams in concert. It was a small intimate gathering and he just impressed me so much with his music. He is so talented.

I think my favorite part was his improvisation of different songs and how they led into the songs on his new disc (which by the way… is also really cool – I listened to it like 3 times today!) He also shared how much the last couple of years has meant to him, being able to spend time with his father while he was ill and before his passing. It was really touching to learn where the songs in his heart came from.

He also spoke about a cause that was near and dear to him… Blood:Water Mission. This group can bring in clean water so that everyone can have water to drink, clean, cook, and live with. All of this can be done to improve the health of those who are sick with a variety of diseases, including HIV/AIDS. To bring a person water for an ENTIRE year costs… $1. Yes, $1.

If you have a chance… check out this artist and this cause – you will definitely be blessed!