One foot in front of the other…

My walking log so far is growing by leaps and bounds! I have now journeyed 45 miles walking in preparation for the Breast Cancer 3-day and am feeling GREAT! So far this has been such a reward in my life.

I find it fun when I get to talk to people about why I am walking or how far I have walked on a weekend. I have found new adventures while I am walking, and places I think I will be avoiding because of their lack of sidewalks. I find that each time I am out walking I learn a little bit more about myself.

I didn’t know that I could walk 10 miles in a morning… or for that matter get up between 5 & 6am on a Saturday voluntarily to do it! Sunday afternoon walks are challenging for me because I walk by myself. I know that it isn’t particularly safe, because I wear my iPod on these journeys. I don’t have the volume up very loudly and make sure that I can hear the traffic next to me. But I don’t want to be “lonely” while I am walking.

If you live in within 5 to 6 miles of me… be prepared, be VERY prepared. I might just stop in to say hi! J

Just a couple of pictures from my walk on Sunday…

Thought it was interesting that I saw wildlife, farm animals, bugs and just about any other creature (including some hooligans who tried to push me off the sidewalk) while I am out for my adventures.

As I was finishing up the walk, I decided to take some photos of the road I live on. To answer the burning questions – it is wonderful living on a construction filled road!

Off to do more walking, walking, walking…