19 Innings later…

This past Thursday night, my parents and I went to a West Michigan Whitecaps game. Because of rain and (hurricane like) severe storms the night before, the one game we had expected to see had now turned into a double header (7 innings each game). YAY!! Thanks to my dad for awesome planning… we had great seats right behind the dugout for the visiting team.

As we drove into the ballpark, we noticed that it was “Comcast” night and the first 1000 people got free t-shirts… guess what! I got a “comcastic” whitecaps t-shirt (it is an extra large and I kind of drown in it now!). Some of you know the “love” that I have for this company and it’s reliability with my internet service at work. As of recent it’s been better, but while the company is trying to turn the “It’s Comcastic” into a positive marketing slogan… those of us that use them regularly know the true meaning of the word… but I digress. Getting the t-shirt was funny… especially since I can’t wear it anywhere! J

One highlight from the night was the visiting “San Diego Chicken”. Being able to see it perform and interact with the teams, umpire, and just how much it really gets the crowd into the game was very enjoyable. If you ever get a chance to see him in action… GO FOR IT! Another highlight was that it was Jimmy Buffett night for the Whitecaps during the second game… complete with “Buffett” like uniforms for the team. Fun!

The games were fun to watch… Whitecaps won both games! The first game was slow moving… but lasted the normal 7 innings. The second game moved faster, however… after the first 7 innings, the game was tied and it lasted another 5 after that. This means that we sat at the ball park for 19 innings. That is a long time… and I learned that my baseball threshold is 12 innings total. After that point, I just sat there watching people around me. The game no longer was interesting to me. I do really like baseball… but just not that much baseball in one night!

On a food note… while many foods at the ballpark aren’t good, if you plan and work through your day – I truly believe going to the ballpark is do-able for anyone on the Weight Watcher’s plan. But you must plan and do your research! I did this and successfully stayed within my points that night… so I am really happy about this. One thing I was a little disappointed by was that the Whitecaps didn’t have the Fat Free/Sugar Free Fudge Dippin’ Dots. That would have been 1 point for a little ice cream treat! Another very important thing I learned about food at the ballpark is to always read the nutritional value on packaging if it is provided. Did you know that a Melting Moment Ice Cream Sandwich is 880 calories! That means I would have to walk for 6-7 miles in order to undo that damage. Yikes & ouch!

The last part of the night was that the Whitecaps had fireworks at the ballpark. Great show… and actually they didn’t start until almost midnight! So I can officially say that I saw fireworks on the 4th of July!