Walk on…

Amazing. Exhilarating. Invigorating. Breathtaking. Humbling. Reverent.

These are only a few words that I can use to describe the weekend and how it felt to be a part of it. Though to be perfectly honest… I also thought to myself – especially on Saturday and early Sunday – I thought that this would be a good “one time” experience.

But with only a few blisters and a little bit of sunburn (neither of which is as bad as chemo… keep walking!), the weekend was a success. The long hours of training over the weekends paid off more than I could have imagined. I woke up each morning of the walk ready to go, no muscle soreness whatsoever.

I have so much to be thankful for… the friends made during the walk, the stories that were shared, the pride we all felt as we walked into the closing ceremonies. I walked for those who are fighting, who have lost the battle, and in honor of those who celebrate their “Cancer Free” anniversaries each year. And I am pretty sure… I will walk again.

I am still processing it all… so there will be more posts to come, describing the event… complete with pictures. But just know that your support… financial, prayers, and encouraging words… made this happen for me.

Thank you.