3-day – Friday

This blog is long overdue… but here is my take on the Breast Cancer 3-day: Chicago Edition!

Breast Cancer 3-day: Chicago – August 8-10

Team: Hope for the Cure

We travelled to Chicago on Thursday and took up residence in our nifty hotel for the evening to rest up for the adventure to begin. I didn’t sleep well that night… I think between the strange environment & nerves finally catching up to me, it was all so much to process in my brain as I tried to relax and rest. So when the alarm went off at 4:30 (or so I best remember)… I really wanted to hit the “snooze” button. Good thing Nancy was there to turn on a light and make me realize that I really did need to get up and moving! J After getting ready, our team gathered in the lobby downstairs, prayed together and boarded the bus to take us to the opening ceremonies site.

Upon arriving at Opening Ceremonies, we dropped off our gear at the trucks (which because of my red w/ white polka dot bag… I got some extra attention!) and we made our way to gather the fun stickers – our first stickers of the walk. After a little bit, we gathered in the gates to stretch and begin the walk. Opening Ceremonies was a bit emotional… but only a tiny amount compared to what was coming.

Anyway… here are some highlights of Day 1:

  • Starting out with some girls from the Chicagoland area (Rebekah, Allyson & “T”)… it was fun because we all had feather “boa’s” around our necks (which proved to be a hot thing to be wearing later in the day!)
  • Seeing that the “Pit Stops” were really only about 3 miles away!
  • Learning that it is very important to keep drinking more water than you think you need to throughout the day… even if it isn’t that warm!
  • Meeting up with some from my team again… and meeting Allison, an awesome walking buddy (and by this time a member of our team). J
  • Finishing day 1 strong… and thankful to see that we had “tent angels” to help us set up the tents for us!
  • Enjoying the spaghetti dinner!