3-day – Saturday

After sleeping (essentially) on the ground – because of my lack of knowledge on how an air mattress actually works – I woke up remarkably rested and feeling great. Better than I had after any (and all) of my training walks! Maybe there is something to this sleeping outdoors/camping thing? Nah… J

We got up, got ready, ate breakfast and began our walk. I have to say… and I am sure that everyone says this… Day 2 is much harder than Day 1. Although with the group that I was walking with, time seemed to fly by – even if we weren’t flying along.

Highlights of day 2:

  • Sharing a rain poncho with Becca during the brief shower that occurred… and now I know that I would be a good partner in a sack race – and that I have very healthy (yet pale) skin! J
  • Walking though Mount Prospect where the police officers supported us by wearing pink shirts for their uniforms!
  • Seeing and meeting friends from around the country that came to visit and walk with me
  • My first blisters of the walk
  • Seeing my family and friends at the cheering stations – you will never know how much that really does encourage walkers!

Each day, as we were eating dinner the last walker arrived into camp. Everyone around gathered, with their camera’s to see this person (or in Saturday’s case – the team) walk in during U2’s “Beautiful Day” medley that continuously played until the flag was flying high. It was a great moment to know that all were back at camp, safe & sound.