Living life to the fullest…

Over the past few days (well, really months) I have come to realize that in order for me to live the life that I want, I must make things happen (or “make my happy happen” per Jules). So I must live it to the fullest and act on everything around me, taking advantages of opportunities and even creating new realities for myself.

Last week during my well-deserved post 3-Day pedicure, I read an article in Glamour (August ’08) about a woman that made a list of things she wanted to do in life. There were 41 things on her list that she created during her senior year of college. During the following years she took advantage of many of the items, but at age 27 she was diagnosed with brain cancer. This made me really think… no one knows how much time they are going to have on this earth.

As I have been pondering this, I decided to come up with my “Life List”…a list of things to live life to the fullest. I think this list will show all of you who I am… and who I am becoming as a confident, strong, single woman who has the world at her disposal. I have accomplished so much already – losing over 150 pounds and walking 60 miles in 3-days, to name a couple – that I know there is nothing that I can’t do. I am going to continue to do as much as I can and take advantage of every opportunity given to me. I just have to be bold enough to act on it. I have to be the “me” that has always been here, but was too timid or shy to speak up, speak out, or just walk up to someone and say “hi”.

As a caveat within this list… there are a few things that I am getting very close to accomplishing that have always been a part of a “greater” life list of mine for years (achieving WW Lifetime status, wearing clothes in single digit sizes), however I am not including these things on this list because I believe they will be achieved by the end of the year. Also, while I may have done part of these things in the past (i.e. visiting some of the 50 states), from today – this list starts over fresh and new. I know that some of these items will be easy and quick to accomplish and some will take months, years, or maybe even decades to finish.

The list below contains 30 items… sort of in honor of the fact that I created it while I am still 30 (because my birthday is creeping up ever so quickly J). I am keeping the right to modify this list – and even add to it!

My life list:

Climb a mountain. Paint a picture. Sleep under the stars. Sail a boat. Build a campfire. Take a dance class. Become bilingual. Go to a U2 concert. Ask someone out. Buy a house in a warm climate (for winter). Create a coffee table book of my favorite photographs. Carve a wood sculpture. Visit all 50 states & see/do something meaningful or historic in each. Attend an Olympic Opening Ceremony. Ride a horse. See the Aurora Borealis. Run a 5k. Color in an entire coloring book. Buy a brand new car w/cash. Be a tourist in my hometown. Fall in love. Create a library of my favorite books. Experience Europe (be there at least a month). Get published (book or magazine). Meet a President of the USA (while in office). Build my dream home. Learn to cook. Fly in a hot air balloon. Travel to 6 of the 7 continents (all 7 if Antarctica becomes more available). Read the Bible in a year.

As I accomplish things on this list, I may update the blog to reflect on these items and whether they were a good idea for me to do… or if it was a life lesson learned. J In any case, I think these things will make me happy!