It’s just that close…

You know how you are really close to something, and then totally feel like it is slipping away from you. That’s how I feel about getting to my goal this week. I have had numerous things happening in my life (which I won’t get into here) that have filled my head with negativity (how ironic, 2 weeks after the “negativity” lesson at my Weight Watcher’s meeting) and have caused me to “lose sight” of my goal. In a matter of 4 days, I feel like I have become a total failure and will never reach my goal.

As of last Thursday, I only had about 2½ pounds to go to reach goal… and it looked like it was completely possible to do. (Yes, I am saying “had” for good reason.)

But when you get close to accomplishing something, it’s like something in you just doesn’t want to have it. Something inside me let me lose ALL confidence that I had gained over the past months and smashed it down in mere days. I am sitting here typing knowing that I am better than this, but yet can’t get over how bad I was for 4 days now. 4 DAYS!?!?!

I know I have struggled before… and I know I will struggle again. But I just didn’t *WANT* to struggle now. I just wanted to reach goal in October so that I can get my pictures redone this year (because frankly, I am sick of seeing my old high school senior photo hang on the walls of those I love)… and well, do something a little crazy for myself too (yes, I will be celebrating the occasion when I reach goal with something pretty remarkable!)

But all of this will wait until I get back up “on the horse” and do what I need to do. I need to find my plan back, get into it, and stay into it.

As I am sure I have said before… I KNOW I CAN DO THIS!