So this morning… rather than going out for a walk or doing some other type of productive workout… I played with numbers on my computer. This turned out to be a little discouraging.

I’ve been curious for a while now how the seasons have affected my weight loss. I was shocked to find out that we have just entered my worst season of the year. Autumn. I think my birthday might play a small part in the less-to-lose season… but after looking it over, the holidays (Halloween & Thanksgiving) do not really play a part in this. I think my body just doesn’t like it that winter is coming… and that I know it. Winter is also not a great time for me to lose, however January (and the media attention around your “New Year’s Resolution” goals) seems to spur on the weight loss. After that initial surge… it really looks like my Autumn numbers.

This brings me to a new conclusion I think. I need Michigan to become a moderately warm weather state year round (so I guess I am welcoming global warming now????). I am more productive with my weight loss efforts (and I am sure maintenance will be easier) during these warm months where I can get out and go for walks, I can be productive at the health club without worrying if the snow will be piled up on my car when I have to leave.

I need warmth back… because I want to reach my goal… soon. J