Celebrate good times…

This past Wednesday I was able to celebrate reaching my Weight Watcher’s goal with some awesome friends! I have been getting to know this group for months now and they have seen me change throughout the spring, summer and now fall. Lisa brought me up in front of the group (not my favorite thing!) and did some pretty special things! J

In addition to receiving my gold star from Weight Watchers, Lisa gave me a certificate to commemorate losing 150 pounds!

Then, she gave me flowers… (my favorite kind!) I have to say, I was stunned at this!

And while we were celebrating, I was also able to show off my “old/big” jeans to the group (it was a very weird feeling unfolding them for the first time in years) and got a standing ovation for this HUGE accomplishment.

One last thing… if you are doing (or are thinking about doing) the Weight Watcher’s program, I would highly recommend that you attend the meetings. Find one that’s a good fit for you… and keep going. Get to know the members you sit near. Become a part of their lives. The support system you build with the group is amazing and priceless. They can all empathize with what you are going through because they are there too. Stick with it my friends. You can reach goal too!