And the reward…

This past weekend I did something I never thought I could (or would ever) do… then again in the past 3 years I never thought I would lose 150 pounds either.

I actually decided on the “activity” a couple of months ago, I think in September, and talked to my brother who agreed he’d be there for me with moral support. My sister in law was very gracious and went along as well (and truth be told… she was more moral support than my bro…)

So on to the activity… It was not skydiving, belly dancing or hiring a skywriter to decree my accomplishment across the land. It was not bungee jumping, installing a stripper pole, or going on a 150 day vacation (although in hindsight, that would be very nice!) It was not streaking at a local sporting event, skinny dipping (oh my cold!) or taking a day to pamper myself through the means of manicure, pedicure and massage. It was not a hot air balloon ride, sailing across the sea, or getting my pictures professionally redone.

Yes… these were all suggestions that I had solicited from friends, near and far. There were more, but I should try to keep this PG-13.

Instead of these wonderful suggestions, we headed off to Grand Rapids to a little place called Mos Eisleys.

I decided to get my nose pierced…

…and I got a tattoo.

(located on my upper back, right below my collar line)

The kanji symbols mean “Achievement” or “Accomplishment”

And I have to say, I’m very happy with how things turned out. 🙂