My affinity toward snow…

Ok, the title of this post makes one think that I may actually like the white fluffy stuff falling from the sky… but alas, I am not a fan. Many of you may wonder… why does she live in Michigan still if she doesn’t like the season that seems to last the longest??? I am still wondering that myself.

Yesterday I believe we received somewhere in the vicinity of 12-15″ of the lake effect variety – light stuff that seems to cause more problems on the roads but is very easy to shovel. I can attest to this from my midnight mini shoveling excursion in front of my building last evening, helping to get my roommate’s car into a proper parking space for when the plows decided that they would finally show up. Granted… she is now once again snowed into her parking space because of said plows.

Here is a picture that shows the snow in its wondrous form… this is looking out the front door of my condo… before the plows came. Last year you may remember that I posted a picture of the snow pile in front of the building. Well, in one day – the snow pile has returned and it looks just like last year, except that it’s further into one of the parking spaces here already.

I’m afraid that this snow event is just a precursor to what lies ahead… it does not bode well for the remainder of the snow season.