So have you ever noticed that when things in life get stressful there is probably more related to it than just “stress”?? I totally have this problem. Lately, because I’ve been busy with other things in my life (test, work, travel, etc.), I have been putting off things that normally get done either on a regular basis… or at least much sooner than what has happened this year.

With this, I have become lackadaisical on so many things… weight loss, finances, home organization, among other things. Even the blog has suffered. L

But this weekend I took care of a lot of things… getting the clothes that I have “outgrown” (or would that be “under-grown”?) ready to be given away, balancing my checkbook, creating a 2009 budget, catching up on work, cleaning various rooms in my house (including my closet!) and finally getting everything ready and in order for Christmas.

Along with the getting organized in those parts of my life, I also got organized in another part of my life – the weight loss part. Lately, due to the stress mentioned above, I have not been following the plan very well… if at all. I am sure that this has resulted in a gain – but I don’t dare put myself on a scale to find out. With that, I have committed to once again “hunkering” down, reading all of my materials again… and TRACKING like it’s going out of style. Oh, yeah… and drinking tons of WATER. I am also planning some challenging workouts for this week – primarily because I have a couple of days off work and can spend some time on me (and kicking my own bootay) then. J

I know there are others out there feeling the same “year-end” types of stresses out there… just take things one step at a time. If you are anything like me, writing out what needs to be done works best. That way I can physically see what needs to happen when, and then it helps me be able to accomplish things one step at a time.

Now I am off to finish up the last few things on my list for the weekend… and maybe even blogging some more! (Did I mention that I feel like I haven’t shared enough lately?)