So I’ve been watching this show on the Style channel called “Ruby”. It is a show about a woman who weighs 400+ pounds and is working to lose weight in order to live. Literally – to save her life. As she says on the show, she has surrounded herself with a team to help her… including experts, friends, and family.

As I am watching this, there are a lot of the things throughout that have struck me as feelings that I have had… or even still have on a day to day basis. One show was about the struggle with temptations and another about fear. Both of these things are real for all of us… no matter what weight we are. But when you are overweight, even walking through the checkout at the grocery store is a huge temptations not to pick up 1 (or 5) bags of M&Ms. In fact, I still struggle with going to Walgreens and not walking out with a bag or two of Peanut Butter M&Ms. (It is the only store in the area that I can find them in.)

With the Weight Watcher’s program, I can have that bag of M&Ms once in a while as a treat… but I should really plan for it. Plan it out and realize that I can only have the one bag. But also know that this is probably a “trigger” food for me and might start me on a path to eating things that I should not… or even worse go off plan entirely.

I, like so many others, struggled this holiday season with temptations. I tried to enjoy foods that I typically only get once per year and then subsequently overindulged in them to the point that I have to really step up the plan for myself as far as workouts and making sure that I stay on plan.

Last year I think I said that I don’t like resolutions… this is true – I much prefer goals. Why? Because I can reach goals – attain and conquer them. I think it’s my competitive nature. I need to have an “end point” to things otherwise it just seems difficult for me to focus on.

And now I know why I’ve been failing at maintenance…