Checking in…

So I’ve been complaining an awful lot about how much I thought I gained over the holidays. I was right… it was not pretty. Most of it was water weight, but as of January 2, I managed to gain more than 10+ pounds since my WI at the beginning of December. WOW. I think that must take some serious WW talent to drop EVERYTHING you have learned in 3 years for a month of so-called bliss.

HOWEVER (and that’s a big however), in the past week I have been completely on plan… tracking everything… working out as I should (or mostly as I should)… and the results as of my OFFICIAL weigh in this week… I lost 5 pounds of my gain. Yup, I still had to pay for my meeting, BUT I still went to weigh in like a good weight watcher does.

Ok… now I just also want to brag a little. First… I seriously had NO idea that my lovely leader Lisa was doing the measuring/portion thing at the meeting – so at some point, I stepped up and bragged about how I can pour 8 oz of milk without a problem. She looked at me (and I think laughed a little) and brought me to the front to pour it out for everyone (I never saw the milk or anything). SERIOUSLY. I had to pour a cup of milk in front of my group. Guess what. I did it. EXACTLY 8 ounces. Thank you very much. (I think it helped that I pour a measured cup of milk almost everyday for myself.)

Lesson learned… do not brag about something you can’t do because more than likely you’ll have prove that you can do it. And I can honestly say that I’ve got about 20 witnesses to this one.

The other magnificent thing in my life is that I tried GroupKick at my healthclub and LOVED it!!! Actually I am a fan of most of the classes there, but this one has me excited to get back on Saturday AM as well. I also have been working with a trainer on strength training and will be starting a running program so I can do the 10k Riverbank this year. If I am not quite up to 10k in May… I will surely do the 5k – I swear!

Anyway back to the weigh in stuff… I am hoping to make it through the next few days without an issue because I am determined to get at least 3 more pounds off this week so that I don’t have to pay the weekly fee again. 🙂 I would also like an awesomely stellar number to post on the new challenge that I am a part of… the Biggest Loser Blog Edition… I am on Angie‘s team and we are so going to ROCK THIS OUT!!!

Must be going now – getting up to workout in about 5 hours…