All things new…

So it’s been about a week since my last post. I can’t believe how fast time goes, especially since it doesn’t feel like I’ve done anything productive.

Anyway, there are things that are new/changing in my world…
~ Marie (my roomie) is moving to Texas… I know I referenced this before, but I want to say that I wish her all the best and know that she will find great things when she arrives! She will be missed around here though, very very much. And with that I am now living alone again. On one hand, I am sad because I really did like having someone here to chat with whenever about whatever. On the other hand, I am looking forward to living alone again… and seeing how I do with it. Maybe it will be ok, maybe not… but I think it’s a good thing for me too. So in other words, nope… not looking for a roommate right now.

~ While Weight Watchers isn’t really new or changing (well – with the exception of the Momentum plan), but I am really finding it difficult in this maintenance world of things again. I need to really take the time and re-read (er, read) my materials and “brush up” on everything once again.

~ On the exercise front, I have found a new love at my gym. It is Kickboxing. I can’t say that I am great at it… or even overly coordinated at it… but I have FUN doing it and burn about 500 calories doing it. How do I know I am burning 500 calories? Well, because I got a Polar F11 Heart Rate Monitor and am now keeping track of all my awesome workouts!

~ Along with my HRM and the new class at the gym, I am also tracking my steps with a pedometer to earn HealthMiles through my healthclub as well. Good deals. I should be making money soon. 🙂

~ While I appreciate everything Weight Watchers has done for me, I really don’t want to be paying for them anymore. I wish they would offer a benefit to Lifetimers to use their website for free as well (for the online tracking etc… more than just the message boards). So I am off to research some new websites like SparkPeople and the Daily Plate in order to continue to track my meals and such. Or I’ll just have to track it all by hand. Eh, I just don’t think that’ll happen.

~ I have signed up to walk 60 miles again this coming August in the Breast Cancer 3-day. I would love it if you would consider supporting me in the awesome journey. I have a goal this year of logging 500 miles BEFORE the event… and I will be tracking it! Also, if I can raise enough money (about $5,000 total), I could also be walking in Atlanta in October! How great would that be. 120 miles of walking to find a cure, promote prevention and honor those that have had to battle this disease.

~ Finally, just an update for those on my BLBE team (go Team Angie!!)… this week’s weigh in wasn’t as terrible as it could have been, looks like I maintained (ok, lost a whole .2 pounds) this week. Hopefully this week I can be much better with my planning, exercise, and just getting things done.

Now in the spirit of my recent unproductivity, i’m off to accomplish something…