New month, new me…

So it’s been about 2 weeks (or maybe a little longer) since I’ve been out here in blog world updating things about me and my life. It’s been a struggle the past couple weeks… but a struggle I think much of the country is dealing with right now. I got THE COLD. Yes, the one that includes the fever, chills, and persistant cough/sinus congestion. It’s not fun. But if this is all I get for the year, I’ll consider myself grateful. (I’ve heard about the stomach virus that’s been going around… and I sure don’t want that!)

With that, I haven’t really been following any sort of eating plan or any type of plan at all really. I’ve just been eating. But I know that needs to stop here, so tonight is it for me. I say tonight, because it is SuperBowl Sunday, and I just don’t think I should fool myself into thinking that I can be “good” and “on plan” tonight, especially after my extended time away from the plan.

I already have a plan in place… actually it was in place the day before I got sick and it’s just kind of been “on hold” ever since. That’s one thing I have not mastered in the time I’ve spent on the Weight Watcher’s plan. I’ve never counted points and stayed on plan during illnesses. I guess it’s just me trying to heal. Who knows.

Anyway… back to the plan. I started working within SparkPeople to enter my foods that I eat, but haven’t quite finished it yet. Someday I’ll get there. When I do, I plan on tracking in that system. However, until then… I am going to WRITE what I eat. Yes, you read that right. I am going to abandon the Weight Watchers e-tools that I have come to love, and start writing by hand what I eat. Maybe this new approach will help me with my motivation to not eat the junk that has been creeping it’s way back into my life.

As far as exercise goes, I am going to start running on Monday’s & Thursdays… with walking or elliptical on Wednesday’s & Fridays’… and Kickboxing on Tuesday’s and Saturdays. Not sure yet what I’m doing on Sunday… but I’ll think of something – maybe it’ll end up being a day off. There will also be some strength training thrown in there for good measure… just not sure how much or when yet. I’d like to also meet with my personal trainer a couple of times a month, but right now the $$ department is lacking the ability to afford this. Someday.

Well, I am off now to the SuperBowl Party at my brother’s home… should be a great time – they have already promised “Food Fun & Fabulous prizes”… so I am intrigued to see what I can walk away with. (Last year the fabulous prize was tickets to Rambo movie… so this should be good.) LOL

More updates to come…