25 Random Things…

So after the “heavy-ness” of the past few blog posts… I thought I’d give you all some great and random new information about me. There are a couple of blogs of this stuff (25 Random Things & Names I could go by) thus far… but I am looking to find more fun stuff like this before I get into the “serious” blogging again.

Anyway… so right now amongst my friends on Facebook, we are sharing 25 random details about ourselves. I decided this would be a great way to give some of you all some additional clues to my life and who I am.


25 Random Things about Julie…

1. I don’t like drinking coffee… but I do like smelling it.

2. Moving to the south still sounds like the best thing for me. I hate snow. Too bad my job and family all exist where the snow flies.

3. I wanted to be an artist in 6th grade and did a mentorship project with a college student at the time. This art project still hangs in my bedroom today.

4. My birth month has about 5 different birthstones… and the only one I like is the Opal.

5. I flirted with a guy while driving on a road trip (he driving his vehicle, me driving my car). Exchanged numbers while driving. Then subsequently went out him. Not one of my finer moments… but oh so cute. (And yes, I still smile when thinking about this….)

6. Making lists is fun for me. I also like crossing things off my lists that I have made.

7. I have no hand-eye coordination… and while I love tennis, baseball, basketball and many other sports, I have no ability to play them.

8. The first piece of furniture I bought for my home was my overstuffed chair. And it’s my favorite item I own to this day.

9. While I am “paper creative” (graphic design, digital scrapbooking, making my own cards), never ask me to knit, crochet, quilt or sew. Bad things will happen.

10. I love the smell of a clean house, however… I hate to vacuum and wash windows.

11. Receiving letters or postcards from friends & family is a highlight for me. But I always seem to forget to actually get the mail from the mailbox. Maybe it’s because I know the bills will be there also.

12. I am a sucker for any movie that is classified as a romantic comedy. It really doesn’t even need to be good…

13. Learned my lesson about pet ownership in 8th-9th grades… unless you want to actually care for the pet – don’t own one. Oh, and they die too.

14. I went to Spain after 10th grade, but haven’t been back to Europe since. I regret this.

15. Olive Garden is my favorite restaurant and believe that their breadsticks are a gift given by God himself. They have to be. (Hmmm… anyone want to go to lunch now???)

16. I daydream all the time about things I wish would happen… and things I fear that will happen.

17. Name that Tune is not a game I am good at. I can sing (not well) the lyrics of the song, but don’t always know the title or artist. It causes issues on iTunes as well.

18. I love good movie quotes. I won’t necessarily be able to recite them off, but I know which movies have my favorite quotes.

19. When I chose to go to Hope College, going to their basketball games was on my “pro” list. I never went to a game while attending there. It’s probably a good thing it was not a very big factor on said list.

20. Walking is more fun to me than most other exercise… because I can socialize. I think that’s why I really enjoyed the Breast Cancer 3-day so much.

21. I have never seen a Star Wars Movie or anything with James Bond.

22. Chocolate is my drug of choice… in any form. Especially Chocolate Frosting.

23. I went for about 3 years without drinking alcohol… without any reason for it.

24. I have always been a “rebel”… It just shows now that I have the tattoo and piercing. 😉

25. Last year I created a list of 30 things to do in life. I only accomplished one thing on that list last year… not a good starting average.