So the March Madness season is upon us… I love college basketball and I am thrilled to be near the top of at least one of my brackets (as of this morning at least). It is one of my most favorite times of the year. And it is KILLING me that I gave TV up for Lent. All day today I have been trying to find things to do to distract myself from watching the games. I almost gave in too… I *REALLY* wanted to see Michigan playing Oklahoma.

Another madness in my life is me still not getting my shiznit together enough to stay on the Weight Watchers plan long enough to make it through a week. Ok… so I get my exercise in 4 times a week – sometimes 5 – great! But the pie-hole stuffage (thank you my fellow WW friends for the term there) has been just that – STUFFAGE. This week’s been better than the last few, but at this point, I am a bit away from my goal weight again. I need to be back there… SOON!

So here I am. I’m starting over in the morning. AGAIN. I’ve said it a thousand times, and I’ll probably do it a thousand more times. Starting over must be done. It is madness and it happens to all of us, whether we walk into the Weight Watchers center for the first time or are “re-starting/committing” to the plan for the two-hundreth time. We all need to make the decision to do it and take the best care of ourselves that we can.

Finally the last part of this “madness” post… I am a runner. Until about a year or so ago, I would have never believed it myself… but I AM a runner. Last week Tuesday, I ran for about 8 minutes straight. (I could have gone longer, but would have been even later to the Zumba class that I was going to.)

This past Friday night, I decided I wanted to see how long I could go while on the treadmill. So I started out with a walk of about 2 minutes and then started my run at about an 11 minute mile (really a comfortable pace for me). I ran for 23-24 minutes. What I figured was right around 2 miles straight. AMAZING. I was so proud of myself… and I called my mom to brag about it.

So tomorrow morning, I am going to be outside (hopefully in the sunshine) running around my “block” to log some minutes. I’m thinking that my first 5k I’ll be doing is the Tulip Time one on May 2… and then I’ll probably do another one for the Miles for Missions w/ Harderwyk on May 16 (since I’m planning on doing a mission trip through my church this year.)

Are you going through any “madness” struggles or achievements?

…by the way keep the questions coming, I am working on my answers for the 3 that have been asked – stay tuned on Monday!