I have arrived & am bored…………..

*This blog was actually written on Thursday, but due to lack of available internet… I was not able to post it until today… enjoy.*

I am sitting outside Starbucks right now in Houston. My flight arrived on time and was relatively smooth. However a first happened during the flight. There was a medical emergency on board. Not enough that we had to land prior to Houston, but enough of one that I believe the pilots were ready to land at an available airport. I know this because I noticed us descending shortly after the flight attendant called to let them know what was happening in the back of the plane. I don’t really know what happened to the person (I was in the front of the plane), but all seemed ok and calm after the first couple of minutes. So yeah, that was a first. I hope it doesn’t happen again… especially for the sake of the flight staff. Although I must say the flight attendant handled it very well.

So while I am sitting here at Starbucks, I find myself without internet. I never figured how difficult this would be for me. I should say… the internet is available through AT&T, but I am not sure how to connect to it and would prefer not to pay anymore than what I (or my company) would have to. Money’s tight… and I’d like to keep some of it in my pocket.

Anyway… what I realized a little while ago is how many things I do are dependent on the internet. The computer I use continually gets updates for programs I use – and needs to connect in order to update their program. Then there’s the ever present wanting to check my e-mail, facebook, blogs, message boards, oh… and just about any other website imaginable. Not to mention my desire to balance my checkbook all of a sudden. Yeah, now I get the urge. I think it’s because I finally have some “down” time and my brain is finally “purging” some things that it’s held on to for a while.

So instead of doing all internet related things, I’ve decided to focus on my writing today. Did I tell you that I want to write a book about my weight loss journey? It’s going to be about what brought me to that place… realizations, and ultimately what brought me out of that “hell” that I had put myself thourgh and had been living in. I’m pretty excited about the whole thing. Somehow I will have to figure out how to get myself an editor and eventually get published.

Oh well… I guess it all starts with words and ideas on a page.

….off to write.