The Bold Move…

So this whole story is something that I didn’t know if I would share with you all… ever. But I have had a change of heart and decided that I would – so enjoy. Some of you all have heard/read this story previously – so I apologize for the repeat… and it’s a little long – so I hope you have time for it! 🙂

The timeline is last mid-August when I on my journey meet a friend for a baseball game…

I set out on my trek for Toledo on Saturday Morning. Beautiful day, great drive. I stopped for lunch at a stop on the 80/90 tollway and upon returning to my car, I noticed a cute boy “check me out” as he drove past. I decided to hold off on hooking up my iPod to my stereo and followed this guy out of the parking lot, back onto the tollway. I figured if nothing else, it would be fun to just follow him for a bit until he or I got off the road.

After a short bit of time, he noticed me still behind him and slowed down a bit so that I could pass him. As I passed, I gave him a nice smile and carried on my way. I then watched as he proceeded to follow me and pass me a short bit later… again smiling. This happened probably 6-8 times for the next hour or so from Indiana into Ohio. When we reached the Indiana toll, he got hung up a little and proceeded to do some SERIOUS speeding to catch back up to me. I can’t say that I was going super-fast (or even the speed limit) but I didn’t want to seem like I was “waiting” for him on the road either.

About 10-15 miles before I had to get off in Toledo, he passed me for the last time… but then signaled that he was getting off at the next toll stop. I decided this was the last chance to stick with him for a bit… so even though I didn’t NEED the gas (however, said gas came in VERY helpful later in the evening), so I stopped as well.

This is where my BOLD (and somewhat crazy) move happened. As we were both filling up our cars, I decided to walk over to him. I said hi… and that I just wanted to meet the stranger that I had been travelling with for a while. He told me his name (I have now dubbed him RoadTripBoy) and that he was on his way to visit friends in Cleveland. At that point, it was time for us to get back into the vehicles… so we went on our merry way back on the 80/90.

A couple of minutes after being on the highway again, he pulled up next to me signaling that he wanted my number (he actually wanted to give me his number, but either way… we were able to exchange our “digits”.) After signaling to him my #, he called me and we talked for about a ½ hour as I drove through Toledo, doing my best to try to get myself lost (an ominous pre-cursor to where the night led). Once I arrived at the hotel, we hung up… but he said he’d call again (which I thought was nice). About a minute after we hung up, I received a text from him saying “I do have to say you are a cutie”. (awww) At this point, I was like… THIS IS CRAZY – who is this girl… she doesn’t do ANYTHING like this.

Fast forward to Sunday AM… he texted me to let me know to have a good drive back. After a few more texts back and forth, he asked if it would be too crazy to meet up on Tuesday when he was driving back to Milwaukee. I agreed (again wondering who this crazy girl was that was) and it was decided that we would set up a place/time via e-mail. Over the next day, we each sent an e-mail and decided on a place to meet up about an hour outside of my hometown for Tuesday afternoon. (Just FYI… per my sister-in-law’s advice and gift… I did carry a bottle of police strength mace with me as well).

We met up that day at a cute little restaurant and talked for almost an hour and a half. I think he’s a great guy, but there wouldn’t be any long term relationship coming out of it (I am a Christian, and he is “of the Buddhist thought”.) I do have to say it was fun date – but I never heard from him after that day. I did get a picture with him, and did send him an e-mail with it and to let him know that I had a good time.

Still (even though this happened months ago) I am wondering… who is this girl… what happened to Julie – and why would she agree to go out with as good as a COMPLETE stranger in a strange city.