Lent follow-up…

In this season of Lent, I have discovered something. While it is a sacrifice to give up something (whether it’s television, Facebook, some kind of food/drink/sweets), I wonder sometimes if we really are making sacrifices or even successfully changing our habits.

I don’t feel like I am really making a sacrifice here… well, until a couple days ago that is. Yes, I gave up television. But really, I just replaced it with something else, like Facebook in most cases… rather than truly go to God with the sacrifices that I am “craving”.

I have been “craving” television a lot more recently. And rather than go to read my Bible, do a study, or something to grow in my faith… I have found myself being drawn to the computer and the world wide web. It really doesn’t matter what website it is (ok, maybe it does as a matter of content), but I have been just in a “surfing” mood lately. I’ve read so many blogs regularly that I feel like I am now becoming “friends” with some of you. How crazy is that?!? Once again, this comes down to… I need to get out more. 🙂

So back to my discovery… I don’t do well when I crave something. As long as I know I *CAN* have something, usually I can go extended periods of time without something. Case in point… needing to watch television wasn’t an issue for me until just a couple days ago when someone (who didn’t know I had given up TV for lent) casually mentioned to me that “My Boys” was back on.


So now I am counting the days to Easter (15) until I can go online and catch up on “My Boys” & “The Office”… these are really the only 2 shows that I’ve *truly* miss. Well… and baskeball – but March Madness season is almost over… and I can wait until next year for more basketball. 🙂

For the next 2 weeks, I am really going to concentrate on focusing more on God and what He wants in my life while I am not watching television. I want to grow more in my faith, find my purpose, and try to rectify some of the things that I am feeling like I am missing right now…… but I will blog about that stuff later.