Question #2: Camping…

In segment #2 of “Questions Answered” – Janna asks – What do you like and not like about camping?

Before I give my likes & dislikes, I do want to say that I used to go camping as a youngster. My parents would hitch up the travel trailer, we would all pile into the van – which was typically stuffed with everything we could think to bring. Not only the essentials for camping, but the many things to keep us entertained.

What I like…
1~ Cooking and/or sitting by the campfire – especially at night.
2~ Quiet time and relaxation.
3~ Seeing/Doing things around our destination.

What I don’t like…
1~ Cramped Quarters and having no space for myself. Oh, and tents – especially in the rain.
2~ Feeling dirty and always cleaning things (before, during & after the trip.)
3~ Public showers and restrooms.

Basically, I think my love of travel – and desire to keep doing it – comes from the many camping trips/destinations my parents & grandparents took us on over the years. Some of the happiest moments from my childhood are from going to Silver Lake Dunes and spending time climbing around the sand dunes there. I probably lamented it at the time, but every couple of years we would make the trek through the dunes to Lake Michigan. It was a lot of hiking through sand. Maybe because it’s been so many years since I last did this… and because of how much more “in shape” I am now, I would love to do this again. Maybe.

In fact, the longer that I sat thinking about this question – the more I feel like I could try camping again. After all, I really haven’t been camping since I was about 14-15 years old. But of course, if I would try this again… I would need certain amenities. Especially after being so accustomed to staying in hotels over the past few years. Anyone know of a maid service that works the campground circuit…

What do you like or dislike about camping?