The right “fit”…

So today I wore some clothes that did not fit right. One piece was too big, one piece too small. The problem was that the larger of the sizes was layered underneath the smaller fitting item. This not only caused problems with the way everything had to be tucked, but also caused other issues and by the end of my work day, I was sick of it. When I got home, I changed almost immediately.

Anyway… so why am I telling you about my issues with clothing today? It occurred to me while I was in my office that there are so many things that we try to keep in our lives because we want them to be the right “fit”. This could be anything from a good job, a friendship/relationship, pieces of clothing, types of food, or maybe even a habit that we’ve adapted into our lives.

Ultimately, as we grow and change, we become who we want to be… and fulfill the potential that we (as well as our family or friends) knew that we had in us. Sometimes (and maybe often during the journey in my case) we need to look on the inside and see if we are the right fit for ourselves.

As I think I’ve said on the blog before (this week maybe?)… a few years ago, I hid from the world – in almost every aspect of life. And really, I hid from myself. I thought I knew who I was… but really, I wanted to change into a different person. A person with an outgoing personality that had lots of friends. A person that everyone talked about. A person that was desired. The problem was that I didn’t think I had the right “fit” for my personality with the way I looked. I didn’t have the confidence. This not only held me back with my social life, but also (I believe) with my job aspirations and other desires for my life.

Obviously as I say “we” in much of this post… I really am preaching to myself. I have relationships that I need to work on… I have clothes that I *need* to give away, and I have issues with food yet that I NEED to work through as I work on this weight maintenance thing.

I need to finish finding the right “fit” for myself in all of these things…

…are you finding that you “fit” into your life the way that you want to?