Question Monday… a little late

Oops. I got a little busy yesterday – and well, the daily blog didn’t happen. I’ll need to make it a double blog day today – but segment #2 probably won’t happen until after my double workout tonight. I am really starting to love these combo Zumba/GroupKick days. I just hope that I’m getting as good of a workout as what I think I am. But I digress…

So here’s the last question that came in during my plea a few weeks ago… and now I’m out. Next Monday I will either have to come up with one on my own – or you all could be sweet enough to submit some additional questions. I did change my “comment” settings yesterday – so now I believe everyone can post comments (I thought that’s how I had it set). So yeah, I just ask –PLEASE – don’t be anonymous. I like to know who is out there talking to me.

Anyway… cybeel asked “What is the naughtiest thing you wanna do to a man when he makes you sad or jealous or desperate?”

I wish I had more dating experience to give a better answer – but based on some recent experiences last week… I want to (and probably will) ignore him. I want to turn off to that person and not communicate any feelings whatsoever and just go into a “cocoon” of loneliness. And actually this would probably be ignoring everyone around me, not just him. So I guess if you all see that I’m not blogging – you know that something major like this happened!

I don’t know if that qualifies as “naughty” but it’s definitely not a healthy thing to do.

What are some of your naughty things that you want to do when your significant other makes you sad/jealous/desperate???