Television Shows I miss…

So ever since Sunday, I really have been feeling the whole “missing television for lent” thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed the time that’s been spent in silence, with music or just talking to myself (just kidding… seeing if you were paying attention!) 🙂

So for my “Things about Julie” Tuesday I decided to list out the television shows that I have missed during Lent… not that I’m going to pick up watching them all when Sunday/Monday rolls around.

~ The Office
~ ER (and yes, I missed the finale… Hulu, here I come.)
~ How I Met Your Mother
~ The Big Bang Theory
~ Two & a Half Men (even though I rarely watch it)
~ My Boys
~ Biggest Loser (but I have not missed all of the in-show advertising)
~ Amazing Race (although, I am guessing the season’s just about over by now…)
~ American Idol
~ Saturday Night Live
~ The Daily Show (…and unfortunatly I won’t be seeing this very often in the future after cutting back on the cable to save some $$)

And the shows I watch ALL.THE.TIME. (& own on DVD)… because I think I miss them most.
~ Friends
~ Gilmore Girls

Ok… so there’s the shows that make Julie happy. Enjoy.

One more item of note… the television did go on for about an hour last night. Enough time for me to watch Michigan State begin their decent into the history books. I do have to admit that in one of my brackets I chose UNC to win… so I was a little torn about who to cheer for. UNC won… and they definitely deserved it.

Only 5 more days til the television goes back on.