Another Question for Monday…

Mich saved the day!!! I ran out of question last week (as is the status once again!) and she was wonderful enough to submit another. Thanks!!!

Here’s her question: If you could marry any celebrity (alive or dead) who would it be??

If I could marry any celebrity, it would have to be…

Not only is he alive currently (a plus in my book, not that the fantasy would ever come true), but he’s cute, active, seemingly single at this time and pretty down to earth (or according to the reports… not that I stalked him online this weekend or anything.) According to said reports, he’s really close friends with Lauren Graham… who I totally think is awesome – if nothing else but for her role on Gilmore Girls.

Anyway – back to Matthew, I also love the shows he’s been in… Friends (duh!) and Studio 60 (even though the show didn’t make it more than a year on TV)… not to mention the recurring guest role he had on the West Wing.

So there it is. I totally dig him.

…who would you marry?

**And keep asking the questions – I’ve opened up “comments” to anyone… I just ask that you sign your name to it please. ASK AWAY!!!**