As I drove into work this morning, I heard the last part of a segment where one of the DJ’s had talked to a caller and that many other listeners were calling into defend the DJ and her choice of language. I was intrigued, but because I was running late to work, I couldn’t stay in my car to listen to more of the callers.

So when I got home from work tonight, I listened to the podcast that the show put up. Here is a link to the podcast page… PLEASE listen to “Ellen’s Cat Fight” and “Ellen’s Cat Fight Part 2”.

**Be aware that this is from a radio station and may not be appropriate for little ears if they are nearby** (Just putting that out there!)

This caller made me want to scream. No actually, I want to cry. I am so sad that someone would actually think that there should be a divide among people. I don’t understand that she could forgive him (with enough gifts/graveling) for sleeping with someone else… but not because it was a “fat chick” or “cow” as she put it.

This is just another form of hate. Like racism, like sexism, like ageism… the list could go on and on. And now there are people out there that believe that we should separate “fat people” and “thin people”. Pardon me… but WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?!?

The country has already tried to separate “whites” and “blacks” in school. The country naturally seperates the “rich” from the “poor” simply by the neighborhood you live in. If we are now going to start separating people by their body type… what’s next?? Do we divide ourselves by our hair color and eye color? If we start judging others on physical appearance – where is the line that we stop at?

As someone who has overcome odds of losing A LOT of weight, I would hate to think that I could be hated so much. Especially in such general terms. I know that the caller didn’t say how “big” the girl was… but it still pains me to think that if I don’t have a perfect buff body, that I could be considered fat by someone’s standards. I’m never going to have a perfect body. I am fully aware of that. But I hope that I am never discriminated against because of it. Or because of my past of being overweight either.

I know that the caller didn’t consider her words wisely AT ALL during that call. I now wonder, after possibly hearing it played this morning, if she regretted them after. I would hope so. But I have a feeling not. I hope someday she matures enough to know how her words make her look to the public around her and how her hate will make people leave her side.

What do you think of this?