Don’t you think the sunshine just makes everything better? On Monday and Tuesday this week, I was stressed to the max with work and other things happening in life that I just hadn’t really felt that I was actually on top of anything. Well, I felt like I was drowning to be precise. Both of these days were gloomy… like it was ready to rain any minute. I love it when it is raining, but not really the gloomy-ness before or after.

But the last couple of days have been beautiful. Sun shining, birds chirping… and I am *finally* back on track with my plan to get back to my Weight Watcher’s goal. I have had my books along with me the last couple of days and plan on reading, studying, and just overall re-familiarizing myself with them so that I can undo the (10 pound) damage that I have done to myself in the last month.

So… my plan. I have come up with a “reward” for myself once I reach goal again… but in the meantime, I also had to come up with a “motivation”. So after A LOT of thinking over the past day about what I should do… I decided that I am going to match – dollar for dollar – everything I pay to Weight Watchers (member fees only) when I am above goal, and donate it to one of my favorite charities: Cran-Hill Ranch.

Cran-Hill Ranch is an awesome camp that is in mid-Michigan where kids can go to experience life away from what they are used to – and get to know God at the same time. Families can also go to enjoy some quiet/quality time camping (or staying in one of their cabins). There are a variety of activities for everyone being able to fish, canoe, ride horses, and even making tie-dye’d shirts! I am looking forward to going up there for a weekend in July and riding a horse for the first time! Yay!!!

Oh yeah… and the reward. Once I return back goal, I will “reward” myself with a manicure a month (redeemable when I get my bookmark “star”). I am looking forward to getting that done already. I miss them. But I think this is a great reward for myself. And my further reward is going to be a pedicure when I reach my 175 total pounds off!!! Right now it’s about 24 pounds away… so it’s not going to happen overnight.

Back to the sunshine… I know it won’t stay out forever… in fact this weekend sounds like it’s going to be somewhat gloomy out again, but it’s not going to derail me from my plan overall. I am going to track, track, track… blog, blog, blog… and elliptical, kickbox and run my way back into the good habits that had once been so familiar to me.