I’m thankful for my trainer…

While I wasn’t happy about spending a ton of money (for me at least…) on personal training, I’m really thankful that I’ve done it. I feel stronger, I feel muscles that I didn’t think I’d feel again for a long, long while. And it’s been helping me maintain my weight. Granted, the food part of the maintenance hasn’t been that wonderful (yes, I will admit that I –on at least one occasion recently- have eaten Wheat Thins and Ice Cream for a meal.)

I’m thankful for the fact that he’s willing to put me through my own personal hell in the morning or after work all the while telling me that I’m doing a great job and that I’m really an athlete. I don’t know about the athlete part, but I know I am trying my hardest when I am working with him. And I’m learning that as I continue in this, I’m don’t want to give it up as easily as I did before. I like my muscles being toned such as they are… it’s kinda nice.

Another reason I’m thankful for him is that he supports the Weight Watcher’s system – which I can honestly say my last trainer did not. I haven’t been to a WW meeting since July and have gained a bit since then… not much really… but he definitely reminds me that I need to be there for support as much as I need to be at the gym. That support keeps me accountable and honest with myself.

I’m also thankful for my gym as a whole. It provides so much that I didn’t even know that I valued in a health club setting… and while I don’t use as much as I could, I’m glad it’s there if I want to use it. It is so fully staffed, you literally have to NOT be looking for someone that works there… because even on Friday nights, they are around. It’s nice to know. I think my favorite part is the classes. I *love* my GroupKick class… however I am super-bummed that they cancelled it on Tuesday nights for the summer because of minimal participation LAST summer. Such a disappointment.

I don’t mean to gush about my healthclub… really…

Ok, so yesterday morning I was supposed to go do my work out. I flaked and I know it – well, more or less I flaked on Thursday night because I couldn’t fall asleep again until after midnight (I wish I knew why this keeps happening!!!) But I really am working on trying harder this coming week to get there and do something decent every day. I am still feeling my workout from Wednesday morning (oh how I have a love/hate relationship with lunges and squats) and know that it’s a good thing that I am feeling it.