I’m thankful for online dating profiles (for humor)…

Many of you know that I tried (and seemingly failed at) the online dating thing. It was definitely an experience and maybe, in another time in my life, I might try it again. But for now, I’m using the remaining months of my “free” access to find the best & most humorous profiles to post – all while keeping these poor guys as anonymous as possible. I also have not changed or altered the grammer in any way – each is from the “About me & my Date” section of this dating site.

Here are a couple of “gems” to get you started for the week. I hope you enjoy!

Milwaukee, WI – 37 years old

nice, smart man seeking a nice cool, reliable, caring, tender, cute girl to get to know better befriends, be together and enjoy the things life have to offer. 34/m/milwaukee, brown eyes, black hair. I am outgoing, I love to have fun, love sports particularly volleyball, i am also a hard worker, and also love to socialise. I drink socially and do not smoke, however smoking does not disturb me.

If you’ve had your profile on here for 3 years, you might consider – once in a while, just for fun – looking it over and seeing if there’s anything that should be changed. Like your age. That is all.

Jenison, MI – 30 years old

A woman who loves to travel to the UP or to Europe and can live in a Hotel Eight or a tent with an outhouse I would like to see if she would also be a woman who could laugh at any situation during the serious point in life, and little times when no one is watching. If you are looking for a romatic guy, I’m not him. I don’t enjoy personal displays of affection instead I take a more subtle approach that dosen’t always work.

Seriously… I think this is a joke.

Fargo, ND – 29 years old

I like a girl that takes care of her self… One that works out is very sexy. I’m a sucker for tan tone legs. Smart and someone with a sense of humor is a huge plus. So.. sound like u? Lets go get some ice cream and see where it leads.

Once again… has to be a joke. Really tan girls in North Dakota? BTW… this guy’s profile picture is of him sleeping on his (or maybe a buddies?) couch.

Burlington, IA – 28 years old

I just had to post this humorous profile pic.

Texarkana, AR – 34 years old

Not scared to laugh and practical joke, outdoors type , love to snuggle under a blanket. Wanta best friend and life long partner. Not into games. Either u like me or u dont! Im not scared to take charge and make decisions but dont wana be shuned for makin my choices after you couldnt make up your mind! lol! Love racing and anything to do with a car or motorcycle. Huge deer hunter and yes i chase turkeys too! haha can you? Lol

What does one do to chase Turkeys? Maybe I should ask. But anyway…….

So these are some options. Not very good ones for me, but options none the less. I have learned a lot about myself in the process… especially about how I should describe myself. Because I am a great person… and I know that God has someone out there for me. For now, I will just surrender this and let things happen as they may… or may not.