A great weekend…

So far this weekend has been great. I spent time up north with my aunt & cousin just hanging out, relaxing (as much as you can with a 6 year old…), and enjoying time catching up with them. Rachel (the six-year-old cousin) broke her arm about a week ago and I (the so-called “queen of pens” — just ask my dad) didn’t even have a sharpie marker along with me so that I could sign her cast. So bummed about that. 🙁

I think that was the only bad thing that happened this weekend. Which is good. Well, that & I didn’t take any pictures. But we didn’t really have a lot of “photo worthy” highlights to pass along. (Unless you count going to the “ice cream store”…life is good.) 🙂

I did come home a little early (could have stayed for the annual “neighbor” picnic) so that I could have some “me time” before I really gear up for this once-again BUSY week. How in the world did I ever think that I didn’t have a life… BEYOND ME.

Anyway… so I wanted to do something other than sit and stare at Facebook (which as you probably know, I do WAY too much of), so I rented “He’s just not that into you” (even though I saw it in the theater earlier this year) and found it just as enjoyable as the first time I saw it. I think eventually it will be one of those movies that I end up buying. Even though I know that God has someone out there for me, it’s sometimes a good reminder that if “he” isn’t interested… “he” just won’t make contact. It’s a pretty simple concept. (And for clarification -not that I need to – by “he” I mean any potential suitor for myself.)

And I am sure you all are wondering how I am surviving this holiday weekend as far as food goes… yeah, well… let’s just say ice cream was involved. And some M&M’s. But all is good, and I am planning on hitting up the gym in the AM. Maybe a run before the gym as well. Weigh in will (most likely) be on Thursday morning this week. So here’s hoping that I can check-in after this week VERY close to my goal weight (because in reality… I haven’t been THAT bad!).

Finally… in other Weight Watcher’s related news… I was chosen as one of 30 (i think) finalists in a WW sponsored contest. What an honor! I won a gift card to Macy’s (which I am anxiously awaiting to arrive via the mail in the next 7-10 weeks). So very happy about all of this. I’m not asking to be famous for the weight loss… but if I can help inspire someone not to quit and know that they can accomplish “the impossible” as well… I will be THRILLED.