Creative writing swap…

Sometime in the past week, I stumbled upon a creative writing swap at Reflections of a Neurotic Writer. Since I am working to become a writer (in whatever sense I can…) I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to share something from my life… something that came from my heart… and have a guest blogger here so you all can read something new, different.

My guest blogger today is Leah from the Five Blondes. I spend WAY too much time reading and catching up with her and her sisters lives yesterday than I really care to say. It was shameless… and it made me late for my walk. (oops.)

The theme for this first creative writing swap is… Friendship.

Things She Already Knew

She sat.
Scared and alone.
Paralyzed by a hurricane of anxiety.
She had to do something,
So she wrote.

So alone.
What do I do?
They don’t understand.

She called her greatest friend.
And cried.
she cried to her.
And she was thankful for her greatest friend.

She was laughing,
A little while later,
When she found the note.
The shaky letters
Anxiously spelling out
Things she needed to say.
Her eyes shone
When she read it.
And she smiled.
As she recalled the night,
Not very long ago,
When her life seemed blank.

Her life was full.
So she called her greatest friend.
They laughed.
And silently thought of that dark night,
Not very long ago.
And her greatest friend told her
Things she already knew.
You are not alone.
You are loved.
You always were.
And she was thankful for her greatest friend

You can read what I have written here. Hope you all enjoy the swap! I will definitely be doing more of these! πŸ™‚

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