Biggest Loser gets me…

So last night I am sitting in my living room… after doing 2 workouts already… and eating. While watching Biggest Loser. And crying.

First… the workouts. As I have mentioned before, I am incredibly grateful for my personal trainer, especially in the past couple of months. He has been a support and has given me encouragement when I didn’t think I had anymore in me. I am doing 10 more training sessions with him to finish out the year… and then I don’t know what yet. Maybe more, maybe not. But I know that I am stronger, healthier and more accountable when I meet with him.

The other workout I did was walking at my church. Honestly, I wasn’t going to go… I knew a couple of the “regulars” weren’t going to be there… but then at the last minute I decided to go just in case someone else showed up. I didn’t want them walking alone (or not walking at all!) I’m so glad I did! I met someone from another service at my church and got to know about her and her family. It was a great time… and I’m so very glad I did it.

Then came time to watch Biggest Loser. Why I got the snacks out is beyond me. I didn’t start watching it until after 9pm… so I shouldn’t have eaten anything to begin with. But I did… and now I’m sitting here asking myself why. It was a moment of weakness & I just have to keep working on those I guess.

Anyway… Biggest Loser is a double edged sword for me. I love it and I hate it. Last season, I watched half-heartedly, primarily because the product placements in the show were driving me crazy. I guess that’s why they created the DVR’s… and why I am eternally grateful to have one.

Why I love Biggest Loser… It is an inspiring show that shows everyone that they CAN lose weight – and the difficulties behind it. I love how it tells inspiring stories of change, shows that anyone can do the impossible.

Why I hate Biggest Loser… It gives many out in the “audience” an unrealistic view of how “easy” it is to lose weight. This makes them think that they (without the 6-8 hours of workouts, dedicated trainers and a strict meal plan) can also lose 6-12 pounds every week. It’s just not possible. I also -as mentioned before- HATE the product placements. Not only does this show have EXTRAORDINARILY LOOOONG commercial breaks, but they advertise within the show too.

So during last night’s episode, I got all weepy. I even wrote that on my facebook page. 🙂 Although as I said there, I may deny that I did it. Why did I get all weepy like? Well, some of the stories were heart-wrenching… and some of them hit WAY to close to home. I don’t know names very well yet but one person didn’t want to show anyone that she was eating Oreo’s… so she went to the bathroom to eat them.

I’ve done it. Maybe not oreo’s… but through my growing up years (mostly when I was still living at my parents home) I’ve ate in the bathroom. In fact, I think I am still (somewhat) a closet eater. If I have friends over or out with family… I can control myself without issue. But the minute you let me loose at home without anyone able to see me, watch out. I think being a closet eater is more difficult to overcome than anything.

I’m excited to see what will be done on this season of “second chances” and if they will change how they promote certain things within this show/game.

As for my own weight loss… this week was a mixed-bag for me as far as food goes. Saturday I went overboard on EVERYTHING that could have that was bad (& mostly at night… during the day I was ok), so on Sunday I decided it was not in my best interest to have my weigh in. Since then, I’ve been pretty good… trying to get back into the habit of tracking and making sure to keep up on the healthy guidelines.

And that brings me to having my weigh in tomorrow morning. Hopefully it will be a good one and I’ll be back at (or VERY close to goal again.) I’ll report in when I can about the results… as well as what I am doing for the Weight Watchers Lose for Good campaign!