Getting back on track…

On Thursday, I was so close to being back at goal… and then I splurged on some items. Not really that bad all in all, but not as good as I could have done overall.

Friday morning, I wasn’t feeling great – so I stopped at Walgreens to get some cough drops. (Although miraculously, my sore throat and stuffy-ness disappeared by the time I got to work.) Anyway, I really should know better than to go to Walgreens. I can’t walk out of there without candy in my hand. Especially candy that’s on sale. And then I got to work & remembered I had Wheat Thins. So my diet on Friday pretty much consisted of not-so-great carbs. Goodie. Not to mention that I got nowhere NEAR the amount of water I should be drinking… so I am probably retaining water from all the salt that has been consumed. Not to mention that the tracking didn’t happen either.

So in two days, I have left the Weight Watchers plan. Really… I flat out left it in the dust. I don’t know the damage done, and today I am working to correct it. Well, I guess you could say that I really started it last night because I felt so guilty about the crap I ate during the day, I went and did my strength training workout and then elliptical for a while.

Today I am starting out my day with a 4-5 mile walk… then GroupKick at my gym… followed by a vigorous cleaning of the rest of the house (I did do some of it last night). Overall, I have set today aside to get 20,000 steps on my pedometer (of which I am nearing the 2 million steps mark for the year!) and to work through some of the damage done.

I’m hoping that with these workouts today… plus strength training & walking (or running) tomorrow… I can work through this damage & get back to where I should be by the time I meet my trainer for our last “summer” session on Tuesday.

Then I’m on my own for a week & a half until my birthday…