Lose for Good…

I can’t believe I forgot this the other day… but I have an announcement to make about the Lose for Good campaign that Weight Watcher’s is doing.

First – a little about what Lose for Good is all about… in case you don’t know. Weight Watchers is teaming up with Share our Strength & Action Against Hunger and committed to donate the equivalent of what the member’s lose (up to a million pounds of food). How Awesome is that. Well… in addition, the local Weight Watcher’s centers are teaming up with local food pantries and encouraging their members (if they are able to) also donate food equivalent to what they lose during the campaign.

I love this campaign and am so glad that Weight Watcher’s is doing it. Not only are they teaching people to live a more healthy lifestyle, but they are encouraging us to look outside ourselves to help our neighbors that are hungry.

Which brings me to what I am doing… after a lot of consideration, I have decided during the last week of the campaign to donate 160 pounds of food to my center. Yes, 160… the total amount that I have lost. I have been truly blessed by what Weight Watchers has done in my life… as well as the fact that God has blessed me in many other ways. I feel that this is only a small way for me to give back and try to make a difference in my community as well.

Will you consider donating food equal what you have lost during this 7 week campaign… or maybe even your total losses???