I was in a funk…

Yes, a funk about food and what I was (er… am) eating. And I am not sure why. I have a feeling it’s because I was a little under the weather… or just plain tired still.

While the mission trip was amazing – my sleep habits were not normal (due to an overactive and very loud air conditioner above my bed) and I developed a cold on the last day of the trip. And then during the past week, I’ve been on the go constantly… all exciting and fun things — but not something that has helped my body recover from whatever is ailing it. However, on the bright side of things… I got LOTS of sleep this past weekend.

I’m starting to “turn the corner” on this cold… but I have abused my body by not sticking with eating the healthy things I have been used to in the past 2 weeks. And I truly think that ths could be part of the reason that my body is (somewhat) revolting against me.

I WANT to eat good things (and for the most part am trying to do my best with this today) but there’s another part of me that sees all of the candy now being displayed for my least favorite holiday (yes, I said it… I’m not a fan of Halloween) and I WANT to eat that as well.. For some reason, every year I am conned into believing that I have changed within myself to only eat ONE of these little “Fun Size” candy bars. Not true. They tempt and taunt me… and I have more than one. And then give myself a grand guilt trip over this little bar… or two… or three. Yeah… they add up after a while.

So here I am, once again saying – as I’m sure I’ve said it before – that I will not buy another package of these sweet little bars that call my name. And somehow I will get rid of the ones that I do have currently residing in my home.

Oh yeah… and I have 4 days until my anniversary of reaching goal. I am up a little on the scale this week (understandably after the crap I’ve been eating) so I am going to get back to the gym… get back to the regular workouts… get back to counting points… get back to drinking copious amounts of water…

…So that I can celebrate a year at goal and be REALLY close to goal.

…So that I can celebrate the fact that I haven’t let life events (good and bad) overtake me and made me want to quit the program.

…So that I can celebrate the good things in life… my family, friends, and all of the accomplishments that I have to be proud of.

…So that I can celebrate being 1/2 my old size.

…So that I can celebrate being me… who I truly am now… who I am becoming… and what is in store for my life.

And the biggest “so that” I can come up with…

…So that I can be successful and inspire others.