My morning…

4:55am: The clock radio blasted in my right ear & I reach to turn it off in the most violent manner. I recall still being on Facebook at 11:25pm and regret this with every fiber of my being.

5:00am: Cell phone alarm begins to buzz and chime – I click “snooze”, determined that I am still getting up to work-out this morning.

5:10am: Repeat of cell phone incident at 5am.

5:20am: Repeat of cell phone incident at 5am and 5:10am.

5:30am: Cell phone alarm once again buzzes/chimes. I turn it off, laying awake in bed now trying to talk myself into going to the healthclub for a short workout. Do I? Don’t I? Do I? Don’t I?

5:35am: I crawl out of bed. I get back into bed. I get back out and start to get ready.

5:45am: I weigh myself and see (once again) the damage that has been done to me in the past 2 weeks of not counting points or exercising regularly. Picked up the pace to make it to get on the elliptical (because I don’t think my muscles would allow me to do a running workout) by 6am.

6:15am: Finally climb on elliptical.

6:45am: Done working out… and glad that I am going to get back into a routine with the early AM workouts.

Ultimate lesson learned today: I need 3 (or more) strategically placed alarm clocks if I am getting up at 4:45am tomorrow to make it to my GroupKick class by 5:30am.