Addison Road…

I’ve been wanting to write about this group… love their CD!! Haven’t found a bad song on it yet, and I’ve only listened to it about a hundred times! 🙂

The group is Addison Road. I first heard their song “What do I know of Holy” and was blown away by it. The vocals kind of remind me of Amy Lee from Evanescense (another group I love) for those of you familiar with them.

While my favorite song on the disc started out with the above mentioned… I now really have found a liking with the first track – “This Could Be Our Day” and specifically it’s chorus.

Lyrics from “This Could Be Our Day” Chorus:
What we do here is just the beginning
New life is starting at every ending
We are part of the story unfolding
This is the weight of the world we are holding
This could be our day
This could be our day

Hope you all get a chance to listen to it soon… Enjoy!