Rachael Ray Show day…

Ok… I will be honest here — the nerves have struck. Even though the show is taped and I have a pretty good idea on what it will be like… I’m still a little nervous.

Nervous about what people will think when they see the show. What they will think of me then, what they now think of me.

Nervous about how they edit and what they share within the show. I know what they have taped and what I’ve said, but that’s where my “control” ends… I know that ultimately God is in control and He is watching over all of this.

Nervous about what I will see in myself. Especially as I see myself on television for the first time.

I hope you all enjoy the show… once you’ve seen it — feel free to share your thoughts here! I would love to read what you think of seeing me on television and the show itself!

If you aren’t sure when the show airs in your area – click here!

I will try to upload pictures and share highlights of my trip to New York tomorrow or Thursday… Stay tuned!!