Changing things up…

First and foremost (and completely off the topic that I’m writing about today…) I know I promised a pictoral update from the Rachael Ray Show, but I got a little carried away on the Facebook love I was getting last night!! I have so many great friends and family — and I just have to thank them again for all of the love and support they have given me over the past few years during my weight loss journey — and even before that. When I was overweight – they loved me just as they do now, and I think that’s what makes everyone so special and why I am still so very close to my entire immediate & extended family.

Anyway… now on to what my mind has been thinking about the last couple of days…

As you know, when you go on vacation there seems to be a “gain” factor involved in your journey. Not that you aren’t able to control what you are eating while out — or that you take your own meals along — but there seems to be “splurges” that are enjoyed that you might not do during your everyday life.

For example — and yes I know how bad this is!! — everytime I fly the friendly skies I take along a bag of peanut (or even better Peanut Butter) M&Ms. I know this isn’t healthy for me… and in fact will make my muscles/body hold more water weight… but I enjoy them when I travel.

So this brings me to the idea of changing things up. When I returned from the Dominican Republic and New York (2 trips in less than 2 weeks… and by the way not every flight included the M&M’s rule), I had gained a number of pounds. I really didn’t know how many… it wasn’t good. But you know what, I was ok with that. My trainer however… was NOT. I had gained much more than I “should have”… but I also knew that I had to get back to regular workouts (still working on that one) and back to eating right (so close… almost there on this one!)

Well in the process of eating right, I decided to change things up a bit for the last few days — and I think I’m on to something. While I have heard this before, I’ve never put it into practice. I’ve been eating the VAST majority of my WW points before 3pm. I have been trying to save only about 5 points for dinner. And it seems to be working.

While I wake up in the morning hungry — I don’t go to bed that way. I also don’t go to bed full, which I think is helping my sleep patterns. And that’s the other thing, I think I haven’t been getting enough sleep again, which was making me anxious and gave me a case of the munchies (thank goodness there are NO Wheat Thins left in my house!) So with that… I’ll be getting to bed a wee-bit earlier (because I still want to live my life!) so that the pre-5am wake up calls/alarms/chimes/bells, etc. come a little easier to me to haul myself out of my oh-so-comfortable and warm bed.

So after being back in a “routine” for a week now with working out and eating much better (granted, still not perfect!), I think I am back to (or very close to) my goal weight… which means that I in the last month have only put on about 2-3 pounds with all of this crazy madness going on around me! Not bad!